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EliteX Gaming - Custom Gaming Computers for Sale

high-end custom gaming pc and professional workstations for SALE

We specialize in high performance, boutique quality custom gaming computers and custom built audio / video workstations. Our gaming computers are much more than just PC parts put together. They have their own passion and stylish design, achieved thanks to the many years of experience and deep knowledge about how the electronic PC components work. Our team is leaded by our company founder Tony, who has an advanced degree in Computer Systems and Technologies and Computer Engineering. His profound knowledge gained thru all of the years working with electronics and computers, and also his background as a PC gamer, helps him to design each of our custom gaming computers with superior quality and style. We are confident that the custom gaming pcs that we offer for sale, are one of the best value deals for uncompromised quality and performance at reasanoble prices.

We understand that the reliability and the speed are the most important factors in any high performance gaming computer or workstation system. In order to achieve these two main goals, we use only the top quality components from the most trusted and best rated manufacturers such as  Intel, AMD, ASUS, EVGA, Corsair, G.Skill, Western Digital, Thermaltake etc.

Custom gaming computer building stages

Gaming Computer Design

Our gaming computers are carefully designed to perfection by our computer engineers, using only the best of the best components available on the market. The goal is to have an exceptional balance and compatibility between the components, speed, reliability and many years of trouble free operation.

Gaming PC assembly process

Our precise attention to detail assembly process includes few key components

- Keeping a project checklist to make sure all stages are completed
- Following the procedures exactly and completing the tasks during the gaming computer assembly with care and attention
- Checking and rechecking the completed work to make sure the gaming PC meets our highest quality standards
- Carefully reviewing the completed gaming computer before it's sent to our quality control facility for extensive testing

Gaming PC setup, configuration and testing

- After initial hardware test we update the BIOS /if necessary/, and configure each component following strictly the manufacturer recommended settings /memory speed, timing, voltages etc./

- Operating system is loaded and all available updates are installed
- Latest hardware device drivers are downloaded directly from the manufacturer’s website and installed
- The OS is manually tweaked and optimized to the best possible performance, achieving quick startup and faster response
- We test each of our custom gaming computers for few continuous hours using burning and benchmarking software such as Memtest86, prime95, Aida64 etc. to make sure the gaming PC is 100% stable and meets our highest standards for quality and reliability.

The final result is a highly sophisticated and extraordinary performing gaming computer, built to satisfy even the most demanding gamers!

Gaming Computers Shipping

We pack each gaming computer in a sturdy cardboard box surrounded 360˚ by tightly settled shipping popcorns/peanuts

Retail location - Boston MA

Our facility and retail workshop is located in the Boston South Shore Area. Local customers can order and pick-up the gaming PC or audio / video workstation directly at our retail location.